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Our Thermocarboxytherapy equipment serves to perform various aesthetic and therapeutic treatments for facial rejuvenation, cellulite reduction, elimination of localized fat, and body firming. This is achieved through the subcutaneous injection of carbon dioxide.

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The Thermocarboxytherapy Sense by Perfect Beauty allows for the sterile and controlled administration of CO2. It also features an automated temperature regulation system, ensuring a more comfortable patient experience without the risk of overheating or loss of properties.

Equipment Features:

  • Automated temperature regulation system
  • Manual dosing mode with automatic calculation system
  • Remote pedal application with safety system
  • Touchscreen display

What’s Included in the Thermocarboxytherapy Sense by Perfect Beauty Equipment:

  • Anti-rebound pedal
  • Bacteriological filter
  • Integrated tank support
  • Needle container
  • Medical CO2 tank
  • Personalized training by professionals
  • 3-year technical service support

Please note that if you’re interested in such treatments, it’s important to consult with healthcare or aesthetic professionals to ensure safe and appropriate usage.


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