Ultrasound – Sense

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Thanks to its powerful processor, it enables the generation of vibrations at a speed of 1 to 3 million times per second, providing a foaming effect to act as a catalyst for emulsifying even oily skin.

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Maximum effectiveness in arranging accessories for a more efficient experience in your practice.

Inside, it incorporates genuine and enhanced components for maximum performance and energy efficiency, including a rest mode.

Equipment Features:

  • High resistance to continuous work without voltage modifications or intensity decreases
  • Output power indicator
  • Graphic guide for energy emission
  • Safety circuit with noise filters for external frequencies
  • Pre-set protocols with the option to select continuous, pulsed, and dual modes depending on the treatment

What’s Included in the Ultrasonic Sense by Perfect Beauty Equipment:

  • Facial probe
  • Body probe
  • Eye probe
  • Personalized training by professionals
  • 3-year technical service support

Remember, before using any equipment or undergoing treatments like these, consulting with skincare or aesthetic professionals is crucial to ensure their safety and appropriateness for your specific needs.


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