Digital Passive Gymnastics

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The Perfect Beauty Professional Digital Passive Gymnastics equipment is a highly developed technology designed to work on muscular levels and calorie burning. Also known as Russian wave equipment, the Digital Passive Gymnastics features specific body maps onto which post-operative therapies, toning, muscle development, lymphatic drainage support, and fibrosis eradication therapies can be implemented.

How does it work?

Digital Passive Gymnastics uses an electrode system with micro-impulses that activate an oscillatory movement at the muscular level. These contractions allow for muscle tissue development while burning calories. Digital Passive Gymnastics is an ideal complement to treatments with other equipment such as Ultracavitation and radiofrequency or Laser lipolysis, which reduce adipose cells and measurements, paving the way for subsequent muscle toning.

Treatments with Perfect Beauty’s Professional Digital Passive Gymnastics are completely safe for the patient. The micro-impulses work on muscle tissue without affecting other systems. Digital Passive Gymnastics also offers protocols for colon therapy, promoting blood circulation, reducing telangiectasias, as well as postpartum treatments for tissue regeneration, inflammation reduction, and edema decrease.


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