Electrosculpting – Sense.

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High-Intensity Magnetic Electrostimulation – Sense. Promotes muscle tissue generation and strength, creating the sensation and appearance of optimal physical activity development.

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What is it?

It’s based on the induction of a magnetic field and can be highly effective in pain treatments, aiding in musculoskeletal recovery, and enabling neurostimulation and shaping through relaxation and contraction stimuli.

Two therapies in a single procedure.

The digital equipment is the best choice to complement peptide applications. It features a continuous air cooling system, operates at a frequency of 3,500 watts, delivers 13 teslas of energy, offers dynamic temperature control, lifetime monitoring, and fault alarm system. It operates with 2 or 4 handles working simultaneously.

What’s Included?

The equipment is provided with:

  • Power cable
  • 4 handles
  • Set of fastening bands
  • User manual


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