Ultracavitation + Tripolar Radiofrequency

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Our equipment combines two of the most innovative and effective technologies for reducing adiposity in different areas of the body such as hips, thighs, abdomen, and waist. It also addresses sagging and tissue toning, promoting skin restructuring and providing firmness for both the face and body.

Cavitation is a technique used for non-surgical tripolar liposuction, effectively reducing volume and providing results from the first session. It offers significant benefits as a non-invasive treatment.

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Ultracavitation involves applying ultrasonic frequency to the target area, creating microbubbles of gas that expand and then implode due to external pressure.

This implosion releases a shockwave that destroys adipose tissue, promoting fluid drainage and the release of fatty acids from cells, leading to visible volume reduction.

Radiofrequency works at the cutaneous and muscular levels to enhance tissue tonicity. This technique involves applying energy through the epidermis using electromagnetic waves, promoting deep heating that regenerates tissues. It acts on fibroblasts, synthesizing proteins like collagen and elastin, which are consequently stimulated to provide a skin restructuring effect and restore firmness.


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