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Perfect Beauty’s Vacuotherapy allows for a treatment using vacuum suction to drain the subcutaneous cellular tissue, mobilizing localized adiposity towards the lymphatic system. In addition to reducing volume, it eliminates cellulite, cleanses pores, detoxifies, and firms the skin. The vacuum creates a fold in the skin that can be mobilized and treated according to each patient’s needs.

Our equipment offers different levels of suction to ensure patient safety. One of the most important features of this therapy is that it’s non-invasive, significantly reducing the occurrence of side effects.

Other benefits of Perfect Beauty’s Vacuotherapy equipment include increased skin firmness, contour reduction, support for weight loss, toned and hydrated skin, improved muscle tone for lifted buttocks, abdominal toning, hip shaping, and contouring.

At a vascular level, vacuotherapy creates a similar exercise effect to vasoconstriction-vasodilation, strengthening blood vessels and slowing down aging. This activity contributes to unblocking circulation and promotes the massive flow of blood and oxygen to adipose and cellulite-prone tissues, facilitating and accelerating the drainage of toxins.

Our Equipment:

  • Fully adjustable, allowing for tailored treatments based on each patient’s needs.
  • Offers eight established protocols and a manual mode.
  • Compatible with buttock cups for shaping and lifting the buttock area from the very first session.


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