Passive Gymnastics – Sense

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The Passive Gymnastics Sense by Perfect Beauty equipment integrates medical technological development to achieve precise results in weight loss, body enhancement, and rehabilitation at various levels.

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Inside, it incorporates genuine and enhanced components for maximum performance and energy efficiency, including a rest mode.

Equipment Features:

  • Real-time high-speed instruction processor
  • Various waves and frequencies for different types of muscle stimulation
  • High resistance to continuous work without voltage modifications or intensity decreases
  • Relaxation indicator

What’s Included in the Passive Gymnastics Sense by Perfect Beauty Equipment:

  • Body pads
  • Russian current pads
  • Facial pads
  • Buttock pads
  • Elastic bands
  • Personalized training by professionals
  • 3-year technical service support

Remember, before using any equipment or undergoing treatments like these, consulting with healthcare or fitness professionals is essential to ensure their safety and appropriateness for your individual needs.


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