Vacuotherapy – Sense

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The Vacuotherapy Sense by Perfect Beauty equipment allows for a treatment using vacuum suction to drain the subcutaneous cellular tissue, mobilizing localized adiposity towards the lymphatic system. In addition to reducing volume, it eliminates cellulite, cleanses pores, detoxifies, and firms the skin. The vacuum creates a fold in the skin that can be mobilized and treated according to each patient’s needs.

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Equipment Features:

  • Real-time high-speed instruction processor
  • High resistance to continuous work without voltage modifications or intensity decreases
  • Relaxation indicator
  • Vacuum regulation system

What’s Included in the Vacuotherapy Sense by Perfect Beauty Equipment:

  • Specialized hoses for each treatment with intelligent arrangement for easy access
  • Diamond crystal microdermabrasion
  • Accessories for specialized treatments
  • Personalized training by professionals
  • 3-year technical service support

Please remember that before considering or using any such treatment, it’s crucial to consult with healthcare or aesthetic professionals to ensure the safety and suitability of the procedures.


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